About Us

Origins of the Brand "Aeronautica Militare":

The Cristiano Di Thiene SPA company is the licensee of the "Aeronautica Militare" brand, originally from Italy.
After the Second World War, Cristiano Sperotto established a first artisan tailoring workshop in Thiene, in the province of Vicenza.
In  1960 , he specialized in the production of high-end leather clothing for men and women, establishing himself in the national and international markets with the homonymous brand.
In  1979 , following the entry into the company of his sons Paolo and Armando Pio, he became a SpA
in  2004 obtains a multi-year agreement from the Italian Air Force General Staff for the marketing of clothing and accessories customized with the Air Force badges and logos and the Frecce Tricolori.
Since then the company has created various product lines appreciated by a large clientele of people passionate about flight, aerobatics and Italian life style.


Origins of Our Company:

The brand "Aeronautica Militare" is franchised by "Baby Cocoon Company for Kids Clothing" for Kuwait market only.

Baby Cocoon Company has been in existence in Kuwait since 2008 and we have proudly franchised the brand "Aeronautica Militare" upon success of our own brand; "BCocoon", the leading brand of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories in Gulf region. Today, our success story continue not only become a leader in Fast fashion of child clothes in Middle East but also internationally, through continuing sales growth and ever-improving brand awareness the group’s product lines have progressively led to the new opening of stores and International sales by our e-commerce platform and shipping in all corners of the globe.